relationship between organisms and their environment

relationship between organisms and their environment

Relationships among Organisms

Organisms in an environment incorrect with other organisms in order to obtain food, shelter, etc. there are many different types among organisms. Some of this is described below;

Predator-Prey Relationship

An animal that kills and eats another animal is called a predator. The prey is an animal the predator kills and its. The relationship between predator and prey is called predation.

For example a lion hunts and its deer. The lion is a predator. The deer is its prey. Predation is a temporary relationship. It only lasts as long as the time a predator takes to kill and feed its prey.


Parasitism is a relationship between two living organisms in which one is harmed and other helped. A parasite is a living organism that feeds on another living organism. The living organisms on which the parasite feeds is called the host.

Many plants and animals are parasites. A mosquito is a parasite. The mosquito uses our blood or the blood of another animal for food. We are the host and mosquito is a parasite.

Cuscuta is a parasitic plant. It weak and yellowish stems twins around the stem of the hoist plant. It sucks water and food from the stem. Leech, ascaris (malap), etc. are also parasites.


Mutualism is a relationship in which two living organisms live together and depend on other. It is a friendly relationship. Mutualism occurs among some plants and animals.

Algae and fungi form lichen. The lichen shows mutualism between the two. Green alga makes food for itself and for the fungus. Fungus protects the alga from drying up. The fungus also gives carbon dioxide to alga two make foods.

A dead long contains termites. Termites eat wood. However, they are able to digest the wood. There is a kind of unicellular organisms that live inside the termites. The unicellular organism is able to digest the wood. After the unicellular organisms digest the wood, the termites can use it.

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